Bitcoin Merchant Adoption

CoinHere helps with Bitcoin Merchant Adoption. Are you thinking about accepting digital assets as a payment method for your online shop? Do you want to offer the patrons of your store, bar or restaurant the possibility to use digital assets apart from other electronic payment methods?

We are happy to help you with the integration of the POS system and offer consultation on how to optimize the usage of the system both online and offline. In order to accept digital assets, you can create a free account with service providers like Coingate.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for a business consultation.

By choosing to accept crypto, you can immediately take advantage of its many benefits:

  • Lower transaction cost
  • Marketing promotion
  • Bring traffic to your outlets

Find a Bitcoin ATM Near You!

CoinHere is the largest Bitcoin and Crypto ATM operator in Asia. In fact we have more ATMs in Hong Kong than some banks!

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Why Bitcoin Merchant Adoption is Important?

In order for Bitcoin and Cryptos to hit the mainstream, there needs to be more use cases. That means not only do more people need to have access to acquiring digital assets, there also needs to be more places where people can use them. So, if more people can acquire Bitcoin and Cryptos, and more merchants accept Cryptos. Then we can expect this to propel mass adoption forward. In addition, for all you HODLers out there, if the aforementioned happens, the value of Bitcoin and Cryptos will inevitably be driven up as well. 

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