How to redeem and T&C of Coinhero Bitcoins gift card

How to redeem?

If you have a physical redemption card,

1. Visit the redemption page at .
2. Enter the redemption code below the bar code, then your Bitcoins address. Press Redeem.
3. Bitcoins will be delivered to your address


▪ Redeem Bitcoins through COINHERO online website.
▪ Spread exists in the exchange rate. Amount is calculated using the real time rate with spread.
▪ Redemption page is at
▪ For business or marketing usage, written permission from COINHERO is needed.
▪ The expiry date of this card is printed on the card.
▪ Not redeemed as money or money’s worth. Singly purposed for the redemption of Bitcoins. Cap. 584 Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance does not apply to this card.
▪ COINHERO reserves the rights to change the terms without prior notice. COINHERO interprets the terms when disputes arise.
▪ English version prevails, accessible at When you buy this card, you agree to the terms and conditions.

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