COINHERO 全新會員計劃 (只適用於香港,僅限港幣交易)

1. 會員優惠ATM半價交易費(不包括固定手續費)
2. 每月優惠,以0%交易費購買當月優惠虛擬貨幣
3. 優先會員OTC服務
4. 生日禮遇

COINHERO 全新會員計劃, 立刻申請成為COINHERO會員, 即可享免會員年費一千元, 除即享ATM手續費半價,仲可以享有既快捷又安全既OTC專貴服務
成為會員簡單快捷, 而家係全港40多部COINHERO ATM機或銅鑼灣旗艦店都可以做, 可參考 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaLGUHjrqBo 內有詳細教學步驟只要跟住做就可以,簡易易明.


*完成登記後, 到ATM請參照 https://coinhero.hk/zh/heroasso/ 去購買方能享有會員優惠折扣, 請留意

**優惠如有更改, 恕不另行通知

***註冊需時, 客服24小時內處理登記, 以sms通知成功登記成為會員

如有任何問題請聯絡 COINHERO Whatsapp CS : 90144229

交易費用詳情, 請參閱 https://coinhero.hk/zh/qa/

COINHERO NEW MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM (Hong Kong only, HKD transaction only)

1. Half price for all ATM transaction fee(Excludes fixed fee)
2. 0% transaction fee for monthly promotion coin
3. Premium membership OTC service
4. Birthday Gift

COINHERO’s new membership program, apply to become a COINHERO member immediately and you will enjoy a free annual membership fee worth for HKD 1,000. In addition to half-price ATM handling fees, you can also enjoy fast and safe OTC exclusive services

Becoming a member is simple and quick. You can do it at any of our 40 COINHERO ATMs in Hong Kong or at the flagship store in Causeway Bay. You can refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaLGUHjrqBo. Just follow the steps shown in the video. Simple and easy!

You don’t need a wallet on any designated platform to enjoy the exclusive offer. Sign up before the deal ends!

*After completing the registration, please refer to https://coinhero.hk/en/heroasso/ purchase at the ATM enjoying member discounts rates. 

**Offers are subject to change without prior notice

***customer service will process the registration within 24 hours, and you will be notified via SMS that you have successfully registered as a COINHERO member.

If you have any questions please contact COINHERO Whatsapp CS: 90144229

for transaction fee, please refer https://coinhero.hk/en/qa/