With the growing widespread popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more people have been starting to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, there exists a problem in our world today. The accessibility to cryptocurrencies has always been a problem to many people. To resolve this issue, COINHERO provides ATMs to facilitate the buying and selling of digital assets. COINHERO operates one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks in Asia and is looking to fuel the mass adoption of digital assets in the public. The company also cooperates with major exchanges to provide users with the most popular digital assets. Moreover, COINHERO also assists in the integration of Bitcoin and Crypto PoS systems. They educate and encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

A Little History

COINHERO was founded way back in 2017. The goal was to make the Bitcoin and cryptos as accessible as ever. To make all cryptos accessible to all, COINHERO has partnered with numerous exchanges and businesses. Moreover, COINHERO has been continuously branching out to fuel merchant adoption for Bitcoin and crypto payments.

What are the advantages of using COINHERO ATMs?

COINHERO ATMs have several advantages. These advantages help to further drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Trusted: Backed by an experienced team and all technology is supported by Genesis Block.
  2. Convenient: Over 30+ locations in Asia Pacific regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and over 20+ ATMs operating 24/7 providing continuous access to cryptos.
  3. Fast/Speed: Complete and receive your cryptocurrencies in less than 5 minutes. 
  4. Reliable: 24/7 support team always ready to assist any crypto-related issues.
  5. Privacy: Use ATMs without registration and verification providing anonymity and security. 
  6. Affordable: Low minimum entry of HKD$500 per transaction.

Why should you use crypto ATMs?

Just like a normal regular ATM, crypto ATMs are extremely convenient. With over 30+ locations and many operating 24/7, COINHERO allows everyone to have access to cryptos. Similar to how Bitcoin and other crypto trade 24/7, COINHERO hopes to provide uninterrupted access to cryptos to the public. Another important factor of crypto ATMs is the safety and anonymity that it provides. COINHERO ATMs utilizes industry-leading technology to provide a safe platform for users to buy and sell cryptos. Additionally, the low entry barrier makes it just one step easier for users to get into the crypto community! 

How safe is it really?

Crypto ATMs provide complete anonymity for users. The technology is paired with secure digital wallets and tokens vetted by Chainanalysis tools. The process also does not require KYC allowing users to trade freely without fearing their data being stolen.

Which cryptocurrencies are available?

COINHERO provides a wide variety of cryptocurrencies from the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum to USDT, BCH and Dogecoin, and more!

Are there any fees when I use ATMs?

When you purchase Bitcoin or other cryptos, there will be a transaction fee. Therefore, the price you see on the ATMs may not reflect the exact amount that you purchased. Moreover, the amount of the crypto you receive is also dependent on the current market price of the crypto which regularly fluctuates.

Which wallets are supported?

The ATMs support a wide variety of wallets ranging from ERC20, SHA256, and BEP2 frameworks. We suggest using a cold wallet when purchasing cryptos as it is the most secure way of storing your cryptocurrencies. If you would like to learn more about how you can best store your digital assets, check out this article!


With one of the largest networks of ATMs in Asia, COINHERO takes into account the 1.7 billion underbanked and unbanked users in the world. Many of these people would have never had the opportunity to access financial services if not for crypto ATMs. And that is why COINHERO believes that Bitcoin and crypto can act as a vessel for financial freedom. If you’d like to own your cryptocurrencies, be sure to check out COINHERO ATM’s locations below!